Hard-Boiled & Caked: Antoinette on Display


across the pond, a pearl stands erect,

behind it, Laki lurks,

waiting its turn

a golden butterfly prances around,

those perfect flowers

a slow wind grows,

the brown leaves on the ground,

are no more

blue skies are turning dark,

her ribbons fall

the unholy three are present,

the feast begins

hard bread, warm red wine,

so many empty glasses, empty plates

rich fabrics caress her soul,

covering marks of violence,

muffling the songs of authorship

the modern gods look on,

goddesses of the Renaissance,

eyes veiled, see beyond,

the visible layers,

on display

Figure 1: Baptiste 2017. Her


'Her' is currently featured in my exhibition 'Lost in Velvet: Antoinette on Display' in Abu Dhabi. 'Lost in Velvet' is part of a group exhibition 'Landings' SEARCHING FOR MEANING, featuring the 'work-in-progress portfolio exhibitions by students and staff of the Online MA Photography course at Falmouth University'.

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