Poem - The Female Subject

Figure 1: Baptiste 2016. Heels to Tears.

Figure 2: Baptiste 2017. Untitled.

Who is she?

What does she represent?

Why is she so frequently naked, battered and bruised?

Why is she often sexualised and objectified?

Her glorified, fashioned image, held up, to represent her tribe

Her self-indulgent dalliances with the frivolous - evidence of a modern Goddess

Programmed youth gaze at rich images of her ‘unglory’

Conceiving new ways to appropriate her, idolise her

Once upon a time there was a dream

where all were equal

Once upon a time, they let their hairs down

wore long and short skirts, burnt bras,

and made love to long haired men with beards

they woke up thinking they had won

The wax of melted candles burning through the nights

remind some of yesterday

Nostalgic innocence of a time not so innocent

and yet

Something about those moments made us jump from our beds

and march down the streets

Hands wrapped in hands

Mouths filled with impassioned pleas

Sweet whispers and desires to be collectively better

The lights beam and glare

no need for candle lights

Marches without spark

and hands wrapped in arms

Shouts in ears made many deaf

and she said

their romance was dead

but he said

it was never a romance

The flashes go off

the flashes go off

She’s captured in trails of darkness

But who is she?

What does she represent?


Figure 1. BAPTISTE, MANDISA. 2016.Heels to Tears.

Figure 2. BAPTISTE, MANDISA. 2017.Untitled.

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