Week 1: Ed Ruscha Project

The presentation by Professor Gary McLeod about Ed Ruscha’s gas stations book highlighted a different kind of photography. After some thought and weeks, I came up with: Nine Gaz Boxes and a Broken Gauge - a collection of images taken in Krakow, Poland. I decided to photograph the Gaz boxes in reaction to Ed Ruscha’s Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass (1968), with some identification to Twentysix Gasoline Stations (1963), and Ruscha's play with words in his art. I used Photoshop to transform some of my images into drawings inspired by Rusch's work, a few months ago this type of photography wouldn't have featured in my practice.

Krakow Inspiration - Gaz Boxes

While visiting Krakow with Falmouth Flexible, I noticed these square metal boxes at the bottom of the buildings I encountered, written on the boxes was the word ‘GAZ’. I assumed the boxes were an access point to pipes that provided gas, which in turn, heated the buildings during winter, and provided warm water to shower. It occurred to me that their presence was prominent yet ‘unnoticed’, a bit like us, repeating itself, part of a familiar scene that eventually goes unnoticed.

The Gaz Boxes represent how far we had come from the days without gas, electricity, days when part of our lives was dedicated to finding ways to keep warm, and planning activities before sunset. Our significant advancements are forgotten in life’s daily routine; the boxes remind us that they are still here, making our lives easier.

The Broken Gauge is symbolic for how we measure this exterior.


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