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Figure 1: Baptiste 2017. Staged Meals

updated July 8, 2017

Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI at the tender age of 14. The young Hapsburg Princess was promised to the French Prince soon after her birth. Their pledged union was political, at the heart of it, was the necessity to forge long-lasting peace between the once enemy rival countries. Austria and France were experiencing a time of understanding and wanted to extend that peaceful alliance. However, Antoinette was not as prepared for the very public life in Versailles.

Life at Versailles during the 18th century was like a big brother show but without the cameras, only live spectators. The royal family was obligated to entertain members of the public; visiting diplomats witnessed the Queen's morning routine as well as other notable members of the court. Antoinette’s dressing, breakfast moments were watched by both men and women. The lack of privacy would later play a role in the construction of the ill-fated Petit Trianon and Queen’s Hamlet. The place Antoinette often retreated with close friends, away from the main Palace.


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