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In film there are lot of photographic techniques, and with painting, photography is essentially a continuation of the art…, while a piece of text informs us – it also helps us to create our own internal photographic images. I’ve selected a music video/film that focuses on my project subject - the objectification of the female model/subject… the video is also a great example of superb photography.

Figure 1: Collage screen shots taken from George Michael 1987. I Want Your Sex

“I Want Your Sex” by George Michael

George Michael’s 1987 music video “I Want Your Sex” and song lyrics connects with my project in terms of how photography has objectified women in the freedom of expression art form…

Interestingly, this video is a celebration of photography, the use of monochrome imagery, the overcranking/slowmo shots, freeze frames, and the use of varying lighting techniques (Rembrandt, Split, High-Key) filters, camera lenses and angles makes this one of the best music videos I’ve seen… “I Want Your Sex” (cinematography by Mike Southon, directed by Andy Morahan) equally celebrates the female body while at the same time unwittingly objectifying it, all in name of artistic expression.

The video/film was heavily criticised when it was released, many felt it promoted promiscuity during a time when HIV/AIDS was spreading.Is the video a celebration of the female body and monogamous sex? Or the shameless exploitation of the female body through the freedom of artistic expression...?


Figure 1: MICHAEL, George. 1987. I Want Your Sex. [online] Youtube.

Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vldh7oQD-a4

[accessed on 28/09/2016]

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